Hello everyone! I know that everything has been way out of whack lately and I just wanted to touch base with people and see how everyone is doing.

Pastor Wallace, Mrs. McNally and everyone at Central has been hard at work trying to figure out what our ministries are going to look like under the circumstances that we’re currently experiencing. I know there are plans for other activities and schedules already made, so here is what we’re planning on doing as the Middle School and High School youth groups.

First, I just want to touch base with everyone and have an opportunity to talk about what we’re experiencing during this quarantine and maybe vent some frustration and energy, and also just connect beyond Tik Tok and texting. It looks like Zoom is going to be the platform of choice when it comes to connecting online. If you are not familiar with this platform it is fairly easy to use. You will simply need to click the provided link (which is provided below) and you will be connected to a group chat with your device’s webcam. This platform works with pretty much all mobile devices, all you need is the link that I’ll provide below. So…

This Wednesday, March 25th at 5:30pm the Middle School Youth group will meet via Zoom. Use this link.

This Sunday, March 29th at 5:30pm the High School Youth group will meet via Zoom. Use this link.

Parents, if you could share these links with your youth via text, Facebook, email, or whatever then they can use their phones to join the meeting. We will plan on making these weekly meetings and if we need to adjust the times just let me know. Also, my plan is to add other events during the week that we can all participate in such as Netflix Party and Jackbox games, more details to follow. But at the moment I don’t want to overwhelm people at the moment so we’ll take it a little at a time. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them; I’m open to pretty much anything.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience.

Lou Peters,
Central’s youth ministry director