Deacons at Central Presbyterian Church

Central has an active Board of Deacons, consisting of 18 men and women (and one youth) who are ordained and called to a special ministry of care and compassion. They keep in touch with our home-bound members, and take communion to those unable to attend worship. They send cards and bring flowers whenever someone is sick or hospitalized. They arrange transportation for those who need a ride to church. They help to host a meal or reception when there is a funeral or memorial service held at the church. They also support ministries in the community like providing Thanksgiving and Easter food baskets for CROSS Ministries’ clients.

Knitting into the Mystery

Twice a month, a knitting group meets on Wednesday evenings in the 39th Street Lobby to make prayer shawls. Handmade with love and prayer, the shawls are presented by the Board of Deacons to those who are going through a time of sickness, grief, or any other kind of personal challenge. It’s a tangible way of embodying the prayers of the faithful and the ties that bind us all together.

Knitting directions, patterns and materials are provided; for more information, please contact Sandy Dahl at 515-981-5410.

Knitting into the Mystery meets every other Wednesday, from 6:30–8:00 p.m., in the 39th Street Lobby fellowship area. (September through May)

Prayer Chain

Being part of a community of faith means that we share both our joys and our sorrows with each other. Each week, a list of prayer concerns is sent out to a group of members who commit to praying for the needs of members and friends. To submit a prayer concern, you may send it to Sheri Egge in the church office at 515-279-3658 or write it on a Community Connection card found in the pew racks and leave it in the offering plate on Sunday. You can be assured that we will be praying for your need.