Recent Renovations

Dedication and Appreciation for Renovations and Improvements

Central is dedicating the recent renovations (internal and external) and expressing appreciation to all of the people – members, donors and crafts people who made the improvements a reality. We all are benefiting from the work and efforts of numerous people, including the sweat equity of many who cleaned, painted, polished, swept and did what needed to be done to make Central Presbyterian Church a place where we love to come to connect faith, family and friendships.

As you enjoy the renovations and landscaping, we want you to know whom to thank when you see them. You might also want to use some of these crafts people and services or refer them to others.

Deuteronomy 6:11  “The houses will be richly stocked with goods you did not produce. You will draw water from cisterns you did not dig, and you will eat from vineyards and olive trees you did not plant.”

Paraphrased:  “We all rest in the shade of trees we did not plant.”

Please acknowledge the following businesses for the interior and exterior beautification and thank the many donors and volunteers who contributed in so many ways to the success of the renovations:

The stained glass was in the Roberts Library before the library became the conference room during the 2001 renovations. It was originally in the children’s chapel.

  • Tree trimming:  ArborVantage Inc., 800 Prairie Ave., Des Moines (515-664-1120)
  • Front landscaping:  Twin Oaks Design Build
  • Interior decorator: Juli Verrant, Verrant Interiors, 6758 River Bend Dr., Johnston
  • Building & Grounds Committee: Ben Ullem (CPC member)
  • Architect/Designer/Project Manager: Tom Clause (CPC member)

Tom Clause and Juli Verrant received partial payment for their services and donated the balance of their time.

A total of $83,497 was raised from private donations and $115,000 from the Central Presbyterian Church Foundation.

Central Presbyterian Church Foundation

The Central Presbyterian Church Foundation was founded 35 years ago to assist the church with capital improvements. The Foundation also maintains 18 special purpose funds.

The Foundation contains assets of about two million dollars total and provides support for capital projects approved by the Session. East Parlor and recent elevator updates are examples. Gifts to the Foundation are primarily legacy gifts through bequests or memorials.